Achieve Unique, Customized, and Visually Stunning Websites


Among our clients for the hundreds of website we have designed are:

  • Businesses of all sizes and industries, such as:
    • Electric motor companies
    • Technical manual companies
    • Painting companies
    • Paper shredding companies
    • Physician recruiting companies
    • Musical instrument companies
    • and many more
  • Entreprenuers and start-ups
  • Hospitals, physicians, and clinics
  • Federal, state and local elected leaders and candidates
  • Educational institutions
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Churches

Differentiating from the competition with a professional, customized, unique web presence could be what puts your endeavor on the best footing possible. It could be it is the crucial element to finally landing a lucrative business deal. Uniquely positioned as an organization's forward face at all hours of the day, it is essential that today's websites enamor visitors.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Boxed-in Services

There have been a number of recent additions to the website building space with cookie-cutter services. As compared to traditionally designed and customized website solutions, these services claim equivalence when it comes to search engine optimization capabilities (but have difficulty achieving it), have been known to shut down services unannounced, become difficult to contact for support or guidance, and nickel and dime their customers. And these are just the stories of our clients' experiences as they are seek reputable and reliable solutions to resolve these issues.

At integriCORE, we provide tailored website creation services that offer straight-forward pricing, provide SEO services that have performed for our clients (see below), supply up-front economical pricing, and offer multiple avenues to communicate, and are committed to your success with helpful guidance at each step of the way.

Extensive Experience Imbued into Projects

Creating eye-catching, highly-customized, and professionally-designed websites for our various clients' efforts is our mission. We work diligently to provide a design that meets or exceeds specifications and the satisfaction of the client for the intended audience.

Successful Experiences for Our Clients

Our projects have:
  • Been featured national television in the United States of America
  • Garnered attention from well-known Hollywood stars
  • Resulted in working relationships with Fortune 500 supply chain organizations

Multiple Website Package Options Available

Perhaps you are looking to replace a dated website look or touch-up and modernize your website? We can provide options for you to achieve the look you are seeking. We can even match your current branding or promotional efforts for your business or organization.

We can customize a plan for you in a free estimate. To give you an idea what to expect, here are some of the design packages we currently offer:

Since Y2k, integriCORE has strived to provide a superior approach to information technology consulting with proven solutions that include a full slate of services such as technology consulting, website design, website hosting, domain name registration, search engine optimization, social media & listing submissions, PCs & equipment, computer diagnosis & repair, system & software support, networking and wireless, wiring installations, branding and promotional campaigns, logo & graphic design, and photography & videography. Based out of Evansville, Indiana, whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or represent an organization or advocacy group, we offer integrity-infused solutions that can be tailored for your specific IT needs.

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