Core Principles

Journey before Destination

At integriCORE, we believe there are some principles so timeless and essential they should be integrated into everything we do.

Living in an era of rapidly developed technology in combination with ever-increasing problems, stresses, and virtual unknowns, any time we can simplify and solidify foundations we believe we should do so. When it comes to business, just as in life, we believe that in many cases the initially more difficult path frequently less traveled is often best in the end.

We strive to make a commitment that goes beyond the sheer financial transaction in all that we do at integriCORE. Our hope is that we differentiate ourselves from others by how we treat our clients...for the better.

That's why we focus on these specific areas:


Providing basic complimentary services commonly charged elsewhere helps contribute to a better value we offer clients.
  Cost Efficacy

We believe it is critically important in business today to provide the best possible services at the best possible prices.

Surely you also know time is of the essence and getting rapidly to a decision-maker who has your best interest in mind is highly desirable.

Making a specific effort at a shared interest with our clients orients us to focus on what most effectively pursues a common goal - benefiting everyone.


Still in the informatics industry infancy, it's nice to know that enough people have trusted our workmanship to still be here today. In fact, we are dedicated to feature a work ethic that seeks out going the extra mile.


This many years in the technology field, we believe it has been instrumental for us to learn from our mistakes and incorporate best practices in our dispensation of technology solutions.

Everywhere we turn it seems like a depreciation in value is the norm. It's an ongoing battle to provide consistently high caliber service, but we're happy to wage it.

Providing the depth in diagnosis requisite in technology solutions routinely, we believe this level of attention is required consistently for our clients on a regular basis.

As the participants in the technology field changes over the years, we hope to persevere and continually provide products and services that our end users want.

But, obvious by our name and of utmost importance, at the heart of our business model is:


The primary reason we started integriCORE was to introduce and promote the spirit of trust into the technology field. Even though this is always crucial no matter what we do, as technology utilization is still in its infancy for many people, an integritous approach remains ever-important today. At the end of the day, any company can provide technology help. But the combination of INTEGRITY into that information technology is what we believe sets us apart and why we claim to be "INFUSING INTEGRITY INTO INFORMATICS."

Since Y2k, integriCORE has strived to provide a superior approach to information technology consulting with proven solutions that include a full slate of services such as technology consulting, website design, website hosting, domain name registration, search engine optimization, social media & listing submissions, PCs & equipment, computer diagnosis & repair, system & software support, networking and wireless, wiring installations, branding and promotional campaigns, logo & graphic design, and photography & videography. Based out of Evansville, Indiana, whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or represent an organization or advocacy group, we offer integrity-infused solutions that can be tailored for your specific IT needs.

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