System & Software Support

Streamlining Computer System Support Strategies

Preventative maintenance can often be a headache-saver or mitigate the damage to work flows for time-sensitive projects. Through our time-tested process, we assess the current status of machines following rigorous metrics and work to follow a long-term plan that helps to maintain and frequently improves machine performance. This can often mean improved productivity and morale among staff.

> Work on various out-of-warranty (some proprietary system) machines
> Will meet or exceed manufacturer specifications for service
> Site-wide options available for various equipment including printers, etc.

Maintaining computer systems properly helps to prevent early hardware failure through overperforming (often excess heat build-up), reducing early fan and other failure, and more. Inquire with us about a free diagnosis if you suspect your systems are due for a checkup or to have us assess your current office topology.

Software Support & Maintenance

If your office software setup is critical to your operation, then you probably already know of the importance of software stability in your daily workflow. We offer support of modern, popular versions of Windows such as Windows 7 thru Windows 10 (in addition to some others).

> More OS versions supported than most IT consultancies
> Remote accessibility options for end-user convenience
> Will work with your preferred upgrade/update path and schedule

We also make sure that your antimalware solutions are functioning properly, system processes are conflict-free, that programs are not running unnecessarily, unnecessary files are not dragging down performance, and more.

Since Y2k, integriCORE has strived to provide a superior approach to information technology consulting with proven solutions that include a full slate of services such as technology consulting, website design, website hosting, domain name registration, search engine optimization, social media & listing submissions, PCs & equipment, computer diagnosis & repair, system & software support, networking and wireless, wiring installations, branding and promotional campaigns, logo & graphic design, and photography & videography. Based out of Evansville, Indiana, whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or represent an organization or advocacy group, we offer integrity-infused solutions that can be tailored for your specific IT needs.

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