Wiring Installations
Our objective is to implement the best of practices available when it comes to installing low voltage data wiring and equipment in both new construction and existing structures for our clients.

We have experience with and utilize some of the best products available today including gigabit network equipment, plenum-rated cabling, and CAT6 gigabit-speed wiring to do as much as possible to future-proof your installation.

As seen in the pictures, we use utilize the appropriate equipment as part of our wiring solutions and when they simply are not available, we will go to the length to craft solutions to ensure that our client's wired connections are safe for data transmission well into the future (as seen in the picture, a plate was fabricated to attach the 'd ring' to the ceiling to ensure no cuts could be made by the sharp aluminum over time).

Estimated prices for new construction is $75 per termination (not including switches and other equipment).

Existing structures typically cost approximately $100 per termination (not including termination equipment).

Of course, the prices above are simply estimates based on an average we see per installation, but they can vary based on the type of cable used, the terminations made, the equipment installed, the length of wire run, and more. We would be more than happy to provide you an estimate based on your situation.

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