Core Principles

At integriCORE, we believe there are some principles so essential they Should be integrated into everything we do.

In an era of increasing problems, stresses, and unknowns, when it comes to life and in business, we believe the path that is straighter, narrower, and less followed is typically the better one.

Obvious by our name, at the heart of our business model is:


The primary reason we started integriCORE was to inculcate a spirit of trust into the technology field. Even though this is always crucial no matter what we do, as technology utilization is still in its infancy for many people, an integritous approach remains ever-important today. At the end of the day, any company can provide technology help. But the combination of INTEGRITY into that information technology is what we believe sets us apart. That's why we are happy to claim we're "INFUSING INTEGRITY INTO INFORMATICS."

Furthermore, we want to make a commitment that goes beyond the transaction. Our hope is that we different than other companies by the nature of how we treat our clients.

That's why we focus on:


Do you like getting the most bang for your buck? We do! And we believe it is critically important in business today to provide the best possible services, including many small tasks that we do for free, for our clients.

We like to highlight our:

Cost Efficacy

Our particular experience is that getting straight to the decision makers today is becoming increasingly difficult. Do you value your time to where you would prefer getting straight through to someone who is working on your behalf instead of waiting on hold or having to push a series of buttons?

That's why we find this principle valuable:


We want to make sure our clients know that we have a shared interest. It's important in this business to make sure everyone is on the same page and that we are most effectively pursuing a common goal.

That's why we are big on:


There's an obvious benefit but we must point it out. As we are essentially in the wild west of informatics infancy, it's nice to know that enough people have trusted our workmanship to still be here today. In fact, we are dedicated to a work ethic that means going the extra mile.

You'll find with us that you can count on:


As we have gone along these years in the technology field, we believe it has been instrumental for us to learn from our mistakes, filter out the bad, to incorporate in the good.

We hope you'll find with integriCORE comes a benefit for your enterprise in the way of:


Everywhere we turn it seems like a depreciation in value is the norm. It's an ongoing battle to provide high caliber service, but we're happy to wage it.

Our attention is set to:


Another attention that's important is that to detail. With the consistency

With integriCORE we believe you receive the benefit of:


As the technology field has expanded, firms have come and gone. We hope to persevere and continue to provide products and services that businesses, organizations, and individuals want.

We believe in the value of:


At integriCORE we strive to provide a superior approach to proven technological solutions and services, such as website design, website hosting, domain name reservation, search engine optimization, social networking services, desktop and laptop PCs, computer consulting, computer servicing, computer tutorial, wiring installations, wireless setups, brand consulting, logo design, and more. Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer, nonprofit organization or advocacy group, we have solutions that can be customized and tailored to your needs. Established in July 2000, we proudly provide these services locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide from Evansville, Indiana. We do hope that you let us take the opportunity to learn more about your particular situation to see how we can help you.

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