Computer Consulting
integriCORE provides consulting for desktop computers, laptops, workstations, servers, and your other Windows-based PCs.

We can consult with you and your business team about how to best coordinate your technology deployment, whether it be all at once or in stages. We can also provide estimates for different options for your office, including equipment make or buy decisions.

Maybe you are wondering whether to upgrade your operating system or whether you need a better software package to have the resources in place to make your business the most efficient it can be? We can learn about your particular situation to provide the assessments you need to help you better decide if you are on the right track technologically.

At integriCORE we strive to provide a superior approach to proven technological solutions and services, such as website design, website hosting, domain name reservation, search engine optimization, social networking services, desktop and laptop PCs, computer consulting, computer servicing, computer tutorial, wiring installations, wireless setups, brand consulting, logo design, and more. Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer, nonprofit organization or advocacy group, we have solutions that can be customized and tailored to your needs. Established in July 2000, we proudly provide these services locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide from Evansville, Indiana. We do hope that you let us take the opportunity to learn more about your particular situation to see how we can help you.

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